Ambush Fibreglass Llc

Ambush Fibreglass LLC is a high-flying Manufacturer & Exporter from United Arab Emirates. Established in 1992, we are involved in providing huge array of products.

Sodium Hypochlorite Tank

Buyers can lay their hands on our impeccable array of Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks that are the perfect outcome of premium material and modern manufacturing techniques. We are reckoned as Manufacturer & Exporter of Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks in United Arab Emirates. Our Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks fulfill BS standards satisfy ADWEA/ADDC and other government agencies prescribed specifications. One can get them in tailored grades, from us.

More about Sodium Hypochlorite Tank

  • Non-reactivity of GRP with standard chemicals and solvents encourages its use for storage and handling of various products. Usually, Product tanks are fabricated along with Salt/Brine tank for the purpose of storage.


  • Product tanks are usually supplied with standard nozzles, level gauges, manholes on the roof and side, salt hopper, float mounting and lifting lugs. These will very base on customer’s requirements.


  • AGF supports its clients with customer specific tank designs and support. AGF staff assists the client in the installation and commissioning of these heavy duty tanks at site location in the UAE.

Tank Specification

Geometery Cylindrical tanks with conical roof
Orientation Vertically built with mounting hook at the base
Design Standard BS 4994:1987
Nozzles ANSI B16.5 Class 150/PN16
Accessories Internal piping, manholes, lifting hooks, holding lugs, tank vents, ladders and handrails


Tank Demensions

Dimensions of the product tank are developed based on the requirment of storage of chemicals. This requirement is expressed in volume or cu.m. Standard tank dimensions supplied by AGF are shown below.


Item Code Tank capacity
Tank Dimension (approx)
    Shell Height
Internal Diameter (mm) Dome Height
Tank Weight
PR. 65 0.65 2000 700 ---- 200
PR 1 1 1700 1000 ---- 250
PR 2 2 1700 1500 150 275
PR 5 5 2000 2000 150 350
PR 10 10 2800 2400 250 475
PR 13 13 3600 2400 300 600
PR 15 15 3250 2700 300 700
PR 20 20 2550 3600 500 1200
PR 30 30 3800 3600 500 2000
PR 50 50 4000 4500 500 3500


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is strictly as per the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. All records pertaining to the Quality of the product will be preserved and is available for verification / review whenever required by the responsible authority.