Ambush Fibreglass Llc

Ambush Fibreglass LLC is a high-flying Manufacturer & Exporter from United Arab Emirates. Established in 1992, we are involved in providing huge array of products.

Industrial Equipment Shade

We have robust and high-class Industrial Equipment Shades in our store! We are United Arab Emirates based Manufacturer & Exporter of Industrial Equipment Shades in the global market. These Shades are available with us either as a complete closed unit or as individual open sunshades. Further, our Industrial Equipment Shades are of unmatched standards and offer long service life. Place orders with us, timely deliveries will be at your doorstep.

More about Industrial Equipment Shade

  • AGF manufactures robust shelters and covers to house various types of equipments. These types of covers are used to house equipment from the effects of direct sunlight.


  • These shades are UV-stabilized and stiffened to with – stand harsh desert climates prevalent in the Middle East. Additional metal structures can be fabricated to mount these equipments with the sunshade. The metal supporting structure will be hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion.


  • The equipment is installed either directly on to the GRP structure or fixed to the mounting plate provide which in turn is fixed on the sunshade.


Standard Features

  • Wall mountable

  • UV stablized fabrication

  • High impact resistance

  • Stiffner reinforced

  • Smooth glossy finish externally

  • Pipe/support connection

  • Opaque body


Standard Accessories

  • Galvanized steel support

  • GI Mounting plate

  • Stainless steel hinges (Closed unit)

  • Stainless steel latches (Closed unit)

  • Support braket (Closed unit)

  • Pipe support clips


Item Code Sunshade Dimensions (mm)
  Depth (A) Width (B) Height (C)
SN25A 250 250 250
SN25B 250 330 370
SN30A 300 300 250
SN30B 300 400 350
SN40A 400 420 270
SN45A 450 400 300
SN50A 500 705 865
SN50B 500 860 1065


(Thickness of material very depending on the size and weight of the shade. Sunshade are provided with fixing bolts or clips as per the the size of sunshade.)